An Oddness – #23

An Oddness

A poem, by Fọlábòmí Àmọ̀ó

An order to the chaos.
A sense to the madness.
A breath to the lifeless.
A light in the darkness.

A silence to the loudness.
A quake to the calmness.
A ripple in the stillness.
A joy to the hopeless.

Trash to the priceless.
Cruelty to the kindness.
An Equal to the peerless.
Gift to the wickedness.

A blot to the brightness.
A sweet to the bitterness.
A delicacy to the tasteless.
A figure to the countless.

A difference to the indifference.
An Antithesis, a weirdness.
A rarity. A uniqueness.
An Oddness.

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